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(Hidden) Trophies

Britte Koolen, Tim Wunderink

duo exhibition



We are proud to present the duo exhibition (Hidden) Trophies by Britte Koolen (1994, NL) and Tim Wunderink (1991, NL). The idea of exhibiting together at Galerie Bart had been brewing in their minds for a while and now the time has finally come! The common thread connecting their work is found objects. Both artists, each with their own distinctive visual language, have created trophies from what lies hidden. 

Britte was artist-in-residence at PADA in Portugal in 2023, where she discovered a new way of working. Her surroundings — an abandoned industrial estate —  provided the perfect opportunity to hunt for forgotten objects. Britte set two conditions that the objects had to meet. They needed to be intact and round, in keeping with her previous sculptures where rounded shapes were the hallmark. Her quest resulted in a collection of objects consisting of old, small discarded items that were then given a new life and put in the spotlight. These modest objects in earthy tones contrast nicely with the bright red and purple works that also on view in the exhibition. Yet we can still recognise Britte’s distinctive style in both series, where the attention to detail and meticulous composition of the objects feature prominently.



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