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A comet, a rock, a dog, a house

Josilda da Conceição Gallery is pleased to present the duo exhibition a comet, a rock, a dog, a house by Brazilian artist Pedro Kastelijns (1997) and Dutch artist Vincent Verhoef (1982).


Kastelijns will show recent works that are part of his ongoing research around the polyhedric meaning of brick walls. His paintings often start with laying a grid, like the grid of a brick wall, on the paper: each grid has different color intervals and is rhythmically layered with line work, messy paint, controlled accidents, camouflaged cartoonish characters and other objects.


Verhoef presents a series of paintings examining objects and geographies from daily life placed in juxtaposition to the larger realm of the night sky and celestial bodies. In one of the paintings in the exhibition titled Messier 51 a spiral galaxy is superimposed on a shirt suggesting a possible correspondence between a galaxy and an everyday item.
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