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Sometimes I Scare Myself

6 May – 17 June 2023

Natalie Westbrook


Natalie Westbrook’s work is a testament to the art of capturing the essence of the human form in all its nuances. In the exhibition titled “Sometimes I Scare Myself” she invites viewers to confront their deepest fears and uncertainties. Her imagery often fills the entire canvas, immersing the viewer into a claustrophobic world that is both haunting and beautiful. The looming faces lock eyes with the viewer, smiling maniacally and knowingly, reminding us that painting is a two-dimensional construct. Westbrook challenges our perceptions of what is real while confronting us with our fears.

The title of the exhibition, “Sometimes I Scare Myself,” references a human experience that we all know, yet is highly personal. Everyone has unwanted nightmares brought on by the subconscious, but being scared can also be something we desire and actively search for. The idea that one is responsible for scaring oneself offers levity in the face of fear. Westbrook’s works provide an opportunity for introspection: what do we find scary, what do we find comical, and where lies the border between the two?


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