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Tim Ayres

14 January — 25 February 2024


PS projectspace is pleased to present Tim Ayres’ second solo show.
His first exhibition, Quietly (Quietly) was in February – March 2018.

“Study for an Italian poem (“on beautiful foolish arms”)” (2023) emerged from a triangle marked by possibility, circumstance and self-kicking. The possibility of making a group of frescos for a church undergoing restoration in Italy (a reduced Fourteen Stations of the Cross); the circumstance of being stunned by Raphaël’s ‘Saint Catherine of Alexandria’(“right time, right place”) in London’s National Gallery. And the questions raised in Ayres’ ongoing fascination with the myth of Icarus. In Ayres’ version of this myth, Icarus survives, swims to shore and lives to tell his own tale (with all the necessary self-reflection that such an experience would involve).


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